Welcome to the Port Phillip Life Activities Club


On behalf of the members of the Port Phillip Life Activities Club (PPLAC) I would like to say “Hello”, and to introduce myself as the club’s current President.  


Our club has been growing for more than 14 years and was initiated by a group of semi-retired and retired residents who lived in and around the City of Port Phillip. We currently have approximately 150 members.  


Life Activities Clubs exist throughout various parts of Victoria and are commonly clubs without club rooms – if that makes sense!  The clubs rely entirely upon volunteer members who convene a range of regular and one off activities for their members to enjoy.   Members are generally in the second half of their life and pick and mix from a range of activities that appeal and are best suited to their personal rhythms and day to day lifestyles.  The key goal is to enhance our members’ general sense of wellbeing and equity through social interaction and participation. The basic philosophy is the more we love life the more it will love us back.


The PPLAC’s website is constantly being updated and our quarterly Newsletter/Calendar of events is sent out to members via email or Australia Post – it is their choice.  It lists the various range of regular and one off activities taking place over that particular period.  At the moment these average at seven each week.  For example there are three regular cinema and two theatre groups, two book groups, various coffee and dinner gatherings (local pubs and cafes) walking and biking sessions (gentle!), badminton, bridge and other ‘one offs’ such as wine tastings, music venues, ‘happy hours’ and days to the country. Many of our members belong to other organisations such as U3A, Council of the Ageing, Linking Neighbours etc.


Most of the Port Phillip Life Activities Club’s regular activities are conducted within the City of Port Phillip covering Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, Albert Park, Middle Park, St Kilda and Elwood areasNew members are welcome from both inside and outside of the City of Port Phillip and are encouraged to ‘test the water’ by trying out one or two activities before joining. 


If you would like to learn more about our club, you are welcome to contact our Membership Secretary at pplac@life.org.au or 0459 333 150.


We hope to see you soon.


Cath Baldwin

(President – PPLAC)