One of our members, Bob, recently wrote this testimonial

“L.A.C.” he said. “What’s that?” I said. My friend replied “It’s an organization spread

across Victoria, that has so many activities you can be sure you’ll find something of

interest that will suit you. It’s made for people like you, on your own, late in life, and for

couples also, who are looking to meet new people of interest, new challenges and

activities to explore or perhaps just want some company and someone to chat with.”

He was right, I had recently lost my life partner, shifted away from the old territory and was

trying to find my way in a new area.

I soon worked it out however, people were not just waiting for me to arrive, they were not

going to be knocking on my door. If I wanted new interests and friends it was up to me, I

was the one who would have to start knocking on doors. I then began to make enquiries

on local groups, clubs and organizations and made a shortlist.

Phone numbers were next, followed by a couple of tentative enquiries and a visit to test

the waters. I can say with confidence most people comprising these groups are those who

have travelled along life’s sometimes bumpy path and they give a warm welcome to any

seeking to join them.

It was a bit slow at first but I now find myself quite busy with Pt Phillip Men’s Shed, have

lots of fun singing along with our local U3A Choir, and enjoy my time as a budding Mah

Jong player in our PPLAC group. My new and possibly my biggest challenge this year is

yet to develop, having just enrolled in a beginners language class to learn and speak


Life’s good and I’m fortunate to be able to enjoy it. I’m now 86 years, well ripened and

mature, but I still appreciate and value so many warm and treasured memories of earlier

happy and shared days. I find by keeping busy time doesn’t drag, and my children are

pleased I have found new interests in my twilight years.

The path I have taken may not suit everyone of course but if you are seeking a new

direction in life at a late stage, or at any stage, gather a little information, make a

preference and go ‘knock on a door.’ I hope it proves to be a positive experience for you, as it has for me.

Bob's Testimonial