Insurance Cover

LAC Knox has insurance cover for the following categories: Public & Product Liability, Property Loss or Damage, Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers Liability, Entity Liability and Fidelity, Medical Indemnity, Personal Accident and Volunteer Care Givers Property Damage.

Details of this cover and the ‘Certificate of Currency’ are available from the Secretary.

To report an incident:
1.    Record the incident details on an Incident Report form, whether or not it may give rise to an insurance claim.

2.    Send a copy of the form to the Secretary for action.  (The Secretary will decide if the form is to be forwarded to our insurance companies shown on the form.)  Attach any photos, audio recordings or videos of the incident, including those made by witnesses, if available.

3.    Contact the Secretary and discuss the incident and the likelihood of a claim being made.  Advise the Secretary of any other parties e.g. a venue operator, a bus company, etc., involved in the incident.

4.    Report back to the people involved in the incident advising them of the action being taken.  Give them the Secretary’s contact details so they may follow-up this action.