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April 2017 Life News article


The association between Boronia West PS and LAC Knox began in August 2016 as a result of an initiative by Amanda Wiggs, the Seniors Support Officer at the Knox Council.  Amanda was aware that we were looking for a better venue to hold our General Meetings and functions.  She had also been approached by the Primary School as they were wishing to begin some inter-generational activities with local seniors groups.  The school was offering use of their facilities in exchange.

On Monday 15th August 2016, Sandra (President), Pat (Secretary) and David (Publicity Officer) met with Amanda and Leigh (BWPS Principal) at the school and discussed the type of activities that they were seeking and had a look at their meeting rooms.  Possible activities include gardening, craft, knitting, cooking, dancing, tabletop games, table tennis and orienteering walks.  The activities could also involve parents and grand-parents.  Leigh mentioned that we may advertise this and our other activities on the school’s website.

The Committee discussed this at its meeting in August 2016 and agreed to proceed.  The General Meetings from March 2017 onwards will be held at the school.  The March and November meetings will be at 7pm and the May and August meetings will be in the daytime at 2pm in the GP Room.  The large YCC Hall is being considered for future functions such as our Birthday and Christmas Luncheons.

David, who represented LAC Knox on 2 Knox Council Committees, became the initial Liaison Officer to organise the meetings.  Committee member, Marjorie, took over from David in March 2017 to plan the other activities.  All members that wish to participate in the activities at BWPS require a Working With Children permit.


All activities are held at 2.30pm on the 4th Thursday of the month


Street Orienteering Walk

On Thursday morning 23rd February 2017 Class 5/6D went on a one hour orienteering walk organised by David and Glenys from our Street Orienteering Walkers Group.  David set the course in the streets around the school.  There were 15 clues worth different points, so each team had to select the route to not only maximise the points but to also be back on time.

The week before, class teacher, Nicole, was sent a sample orienteering map and had explained some details about map reading to the class.  David first mentioned to the class the concept of orienteering and made them aware of the main safety hazards associated with walking around streets.

Glenys then explained about the clues and gave some hints about how to find the answers and how not to get lost.  There were 6 different clue symbols on the map as well as the triangle:

4 teams were formed, each with an adult Team Leader.  The members of some teams were heard to say, “I walk to school along that road.  I know the answer to that clue.”  They were still asked to check the correct answer.

Some clues were a bit tricky, like house number 17 which was in two courts that were separated by a small park.  The team had to make sure they looked for the house on the north side of the park as shown on the map.  One team showed initiative and decided to count the houses along the street to find the colour of the letter box at number 5 without walking to the front of the house.  They expected house number 5 to be the 3rd house in the street ( = 1, 3 ,5).  Upon closer inspection it was actually the 6th house because there were 4 houses at number 1 ( = 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 3, 5)!!  Who said orienteering wasn’t fun?

All teams arrived back on time with the following results:

Team Team
Score Score
1 David 50 Eagle
2 Glenys 45 Eagle
3 Nicole 32 Magpie
4 Naomi 34 Magpie


The maximum score for all 15 correct answers was 50 points and 2 teams achieved Eagle class with scores above 40 points.

Nicole and 2 students thanked David and Glenys for organising the walk.  They said it was great fun and would like to do it again sometime.

Eagles soaring and Magpies swooping after the walk


For more information about our Street Orienteering Walkers activity group click here.


Activity Afternoons

On Thursday afternoon 30th March 2017 Class 2/3AR played tabletop games with members.  Games included Chess, Rummikub, Uno, Clock Patience, Draughts and Connect Four.  It was an enjoyable afternoon for members and students.

On Thursday 25th May we played tabletop games, including Scrabble, Threes and Tri-Ominos, then helped the students with their PowerPoint presentation pages.  Scrabble is the basic crossword game.  Threes is a popular card game that involves tabling ‘3 of a kind’ and sequences of ‘3 cards of the same suit’.  It begins with 3 cards each and increases by one card each round.  Tri-Ominos is like Dominoes but with 3-sided tiles.

We were amazed at some of the professional-looking PowerPoint presentations!