On the morning of 25th October a group of 46 members and friends boarded our Berwick Bus Lines coach which was driven by Colin, who provided some commentary along the way.

Our first stop was at Yarra Glen where we had an enjoyable morning tea and we even managed to organise some spring sunshine.  We then headed to Narbethong, where we had a delicious 2 course lunch at the “The Black Spur Inn”.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food and the lovely setting; we all felt like we were dining at a fine establishment.



Arriving in Marysville we were met by Jackie, a volunteer of the Marysville Tourist Information Centre.  Jackie guided us around Marysville to witness the recovery of the area following the devastating fires in February 2009. With assistance from Government and other organisations they now have a state of the art primary school, sports ground, bowling green and camp for school groups which was developed from the makeshift accommodation that was created for residents after the fire.


Following our tour we had a brief stop, where we could walk around the township.  Most people wanted to revisit the famous lolly shop which was initially restarted in a shipping container but now is housed in a lovely new building.  How could you not resist the temptation of yummy sweets and other local produce.


It was then back on the coach for a leisurely trip back to Berwick via Healesville, Emerald and Harkaway.

Another successful and most enjoyable days outing.