Xmas 2013 we held our annual Xmas Party in the Conference Centre at the Sandringham Football Club. We chose a warm balmy Wednesday evening and enjoyed drinks on the wide balcony watching a beautiful sunset over Port Phillip Bay. Then we feasted, drank and danced the rest of the night away.

The kids would never believe it.

Not surprisingly the club repeated the festivities at the Conference Centre of the Sandringham Football Club on a Friday evening in early December 2014. But ……. this time it rained. Oh how it rained. The heavens opened on over 400 members and guests as they dashed for cover from the car park. There was no glorious sunset this year but that didn’t dampen the thirst nor the appetite and definitely not the dancing.

Tables of 10


We sat at festively decorated round tables of 10, much nicer and more convivial. The meal was its usual high standard, GF available, and drinks were at bar prices. Except on occasions the bar was really crowded.

The Xmas Band


The band, well duet, played all night taking few very short breaks. Eastern Europe music easy to dance to and not surprisingly, the dance floor soon filled up. There were even a couple of guys there I had not seen move before. Not a stiff knee, sore back or two left feet in sight. The band was good enough to add excitement to our evening!


As is usual on occasions like this many of the members had more than adequately dressed up the room in a Xmas spirit which also added to the pleasure of the evening.

Not every picture tells the correct story. Of course there were more than just balloons. There were Xmas crackers and serviettes and all the usual things to keep the children happy.

Club President Ann, drawing raffle.


And of course our President Ann Sullivan  presided over a raffle of epic proportions drawn  by our membership Secretary Sheila Dennis.



Sandringham Yacht Club


And then to put the icing on the cake (no not Xmas cake) the weather which had looked like turning into a White Christmas everybody thought they would be dreaming of, relented and cleared up revealing wonderful views of Sandringham Yacht Club, its fleet of keel boats, and further afield the City from the various balconies.

IMG_0483 CW