BBLAC Table Tennis


They say that horse racing is the sport of Kings, that soccer is the world game and that footy is about life and death – but really it’s more than that.  Where in this pantheon of elite sports does table tennis sit?  Is it ping pong, a somewhat pejorative term for the backyard version where the table is starting to peel its veneers , the net looks a little worse for wear and there are several members of the family wishing  the table ill will?  Or alternatively is it the game where the players seem to hold the blade and not the handle and make the ball spin and curl in mesmerising ways that appear to defy the laws of science?


Well, anybody even mildly interested in BBLAC table tennis can relax because our game is none of the above.   For a start we play doubles to minimise your down time and we have reasonable quality tables and nets.  We also have a range of abilities within the group and the Convenors will ensure that if you are a beginner or an advanced player (not too advanced though;  there are no Olympic champions here),  you will be matched against  players who are of a similar standard.


New players tell me the thing that struck them most on their first foray into this group activity was the warmth they felt immediately they arrived and I am not talking here about the heat generated by our enthusiastic play. No, the warmth emanates from the assembled throng who welcome you to our table tennis group.  They play with you, laugh with you and then seduce you with a dazzling array of biscuit treats at the half time coffee/tea break which, if you are not super disciplined, will wipe away the calorie loss you thought you had just made with the first hour’s play.


BBLAC table tennis is an activity that sits between the cyclists and bush walkers on the one hand, and the movie or theatre goers together with the various gastronomes on the other. In other words it does require some effort without the need for attending the sweaty gym which promises the deal of a lifetime, then goes into liquidation before you can say “muscle tone”.


The players assemble at the Sandringham Seniors Centre, corner Abbott and Waltham Streets, Sandringham on the second and fourth Mondays of the month from 7pm to 9pm (N.B. there is no play in January or on Public Holidays that fall on a Monday).  A global email in the week prior to the scheduled date of play advises members of any changes to the published schedule in the quarterly Newsletter.


So come along and give it a try, you will be made to feel very welcome.  We have three tables playing doubles to ensure maximum playing time or you can engage in any red hot gossip that will possibly make your hair curl.  We have bats to borrow if required.   Please wear suitable shoes and  tea coffee, etc., (byo mug) is provided for a very modest $1 donation.


For more information on this night of nights in true sporting parlance please contact;

Convenors:  Chris Wallace: 9528 6738 or

Von Short: 9515 4862