Or a great BBLAC way to spend a Sunday

Eleven cars of eager members and friends met on Sunday morning to commence a nerve wracking Car Treasure Hunt, fiendishly designed, trialled and tested by Jan and Norm Brasch.

With one driver and three or four front and back-seat drivers in each car, doubling as navigators, and the whole team seeking answers to thirty three straightforward/ cryptic/ tricky questions over a route of around 75 km,  many arrived at our picnic destination at Henleys picnic area at Aura Vale with great relief and shattered nerves.

The final rub was when the non-artists and real artists had to include with their answer sheet a sketch of a leaf, as well as capture a photographic treasure of nature.

If you haven’t explored sealed and unsealed roads around the back of Berwick, Beaconsfield, Emerald, Clematis, and back towards Cardinia Reservoir, then you have missed out.

We explored beautiful Wilson’s Park, all but one person gave Cardinia Park Hotel a miss, terrorised Berwick Montuna golfers on the first tee, gave the Buddhist Temple a miss and on this day were spared runners from Belgrave trying to beat Puffing Billy.

BYO lunch at the picnic area was a time for old and new BBLAC members and their guests to relax, explaining why they hadn’t had a perfect score.

With a  record-breaking score of 55 from a possible 60, two teams could not be separated by our fearless judges, Jan and Norm.   Congratulations go to Deb and Garry Crocker,  Robin and Ian Lacey in one car and Helen Blandy, Vivienne Dugdale and Michael Lehey in the other, who will share the prized Car Treasure Hunt Perpetual Trophy.

Thank you Jan and Norm for all your hard work in producing another outstanding event