BBLAC Guest Speaker Programme


Our Guest Speaker Program was developed in 2015 and, in order to try and make it both suitable and informative for our members, we adopted the following formula:

It would be a program that would suit all members as regards time of day, one which kept away from health, wealth or political matters; would allow time for questions and answers and would be held quarterly.

The Guest Speaker Program is conducted each 3 or 4 months depending on the availability of a suitable speaker, noting that we do not go down the path of Health and Wealth topics. Our objective is to try and obtain speakers that we believe our members will find both interesting and informative.

  • On that note our first speaker for 2018 and of great interest, will be Mary Murphy, Honorary Archivist at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Melbourne, for over 30 years.

Location: Senior Citizens Club,

14 Service St., Hampton, commencing 10am and concluding at 12 noon.

Generally, the program consists of the speaker presenting for 45 minutes plus question time of around 25 minutes. The remainder of time is for refreshments; coffee, tea and biscuits and the opportunity to socialise with the speaker and the other attendees. All this, for a $2 donation, as a contribution towards costs.

How do you get involved?

Ring the Convenor David Jones 0412 25 or Co-convenor Sylvia Dowell 0425 787 509 or email

We would appreciate it if you could book early as it does help in the planning and co-ordination of the day.

We look forward to seeing you at our next program; please check the club calendar or global emails for details.

To date, our members have been fortunate to hear the following:

  • A representative from Without Peer-Art gallery, who told about how he set up his gallery after retiring from the banking industry and in particular the work that he is doing with Aboriginal artists.
  • An undercover agent, who spoke about the world wide drug scene and how it is managed, as regards the distribution process and the money that is involved.
  • John Deeks, a well known radio and TV personality.
  • A representative from The Law Society-who spoke about current sentencing laws in Victoria.
  • A local motor bike enthusiast, who told us about his adventures riding his motor bike in numerous locations around the world.
  • A representative from the Royal Flying Doctor Service, who spoke about its history and where the service is at today.
  • A member of the Armed Crime Squad, who spoke about a number of cases that have occurred in Victoria over the years.

It’s been a very diverse and interesting group of speakers that our members have had the opportunity to hear and to also to ask questions about the various topics.

Light refreshments of tea, coffee and biscuits are provided at conclusion of the formalities for a small donation of $2.

If you haven’t been to one of these talks before, please join us and enjoy a very interesting and informative session.


Convenor: David Jones 0412 259 905 or

Co-convenor: Sylvia Dowell 0425 787 509


A recent example of an excellent event…

Advance Care Planning Seminar 2018

The Advance Care Planning meeting on the evening of 9th May was a great success with more than 70 attending. Some were not members so, at the end of the meeting, Helen Graham our enthusiastic publicity co-ordinator, encouraged them to sign up at the time or later. Happily, some have done just that.

Several of us who went to a similar meeting 4 years ago then went ahead to work through and write advance care plans.

Two months ago the “Treatment Planning and Decision Act” of Parliament Victoria came into effect.  This prompted Lindsay and Faye Quennell to learn about what is involved and to review the plans they made 4 years ago.

Once again they approached the staff of Alfred Health and, reading through the information provided and the forms to be filled out, they felt quite daunted.

What a relief it was to find that Anna Loughnan, one of the Advance Care Planning team, was keen to give a talk to BBLAC. She proved to be a most personable, articulate and well informed presenter She knows her stuff and has made many similar presentations to groups like ours. More importantly, she has worked at the coal face as a clinician associated with doctors and nurses who deal with very sick patients who may die.

Anna pitched her talk at just the right level and included some quite graphic pictures of sick patients. Excellent questions from the audience followed and it all came together so that we now understand why advance care plans are so important. Immediate feedback over supper indicated this.

If we talk and share our values and wishes with our family and those closest to us, it makes eminent good sense to have a written plan that is available later, when we may be incapable of expressing our wishes when we near our death. If we are still capable at this sad time, all this will be of great value to everyone involved when they know how we feel.

The Advance Care Planning staff can supply you with a brochure and forms and are very happy to talk to anyone who would find it helpful in developing their own plan.

It is a free service and only a phone call away — 9076 6642.

Faye and Lindsay Quennell can vouch for how professional and helpful this service has been for them.

Faye and Lindsay Quennell