Brighton Bayside Life Activities Club Book Group


Are books going out of fashion?

Have books succumbed to the rise and rise of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook?

Has our seductive all-consuming social media created a void into which the printed book has tumbled?

Are books really shunned and over-shadowed with the exponential sprawl of Internet downloads?

There is hope for book readers. Do not despair if books are your thing because lurking in suburbia the ubiquitous book group continues. Be assured there are sentient others amongst us who like you, are not convinced that books have lost their place in mainstream milieu.

Our book group has survived the onslaught of technical advancement and continues to meet month, by month, even gathering in January, a time generally dedicated to feasting and beach-going. We read contemporary Australian novels and foreign novels translated into English, historical fiction, memoir, thrillers, a little bit of romance, and books on issues challenging the world today. It’s a mix. There are thin books (not too many pages) and fat books (hmm, 600 pages, is that achievable in a month?). Discussion is often lively.

In December each book group member spruiks their choice of books for the New Year. From suggested titles a book list is prepared for the coming year. Members are quick and nimble in sourcing books from libraries, each other, second hand bookstores and op shops. Some buy the books. And, oh hush, some borrow eBooks and some download onto their Kindle!

With a total BBLAC membership nudging 400 there are opportunities to set up several book groups. From experience, ideally a book group of 10 people works best as our current group meets in member’s homes and any more than 10 would be a squeeze. If you’re brave enough to put up your hand and say, “I’ll give a book group a go.” And you’re willing to lead a new group with the support of a co-convenor, then, please get in touch with BBLAC’s committee.


Convenor:           Olga Givoye                                       

Co-convenor:      Brenda Todd Sadler