Life Activities Clubs Victoria and COTA Victoria have just formalised their relationship that dates back over 40 years

On 11 August, LACVI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with COTA Vic, both organisations recognising their long relationship and agreeing to work more closely together as they go forward.

COTA was one of the initial supporters of the Early Planning for Retirement Association, the forerunner of LACVI, when it first formed in the early 1970s.  For a time, both organisations shared premises and 40 years on, they are again sharing premises – and still sharing the same ideals and passion for the welfare of senior Victorians.

The MoU is an ongoing agreement to support and promote each other wherever possible.  The objectives of both organisations are very complementary with COTA focusing somewhat more on policy outcomes and LACVI more on delivery of programs of benefit to seniors.  Both organisations have undertaken to consult regularly with the aim of identifying additional areas of cooperation and ways and means by which their respective aims can be advanced.

The alliance is further evidence of the enthusiasm of both LACVI and COTA to work to improve the lives and wellbeing of all Victorians in the second half of life.

COTA-LACVI Signing MoU sm
Lindsay Doig, Director & Immediate Past President of LACVI with Sue Hendy, CEO of COTA Vic.