You Be the Judge – Thursday 7 April

Ever read or heard a news story about a criminal case, and wondered ‘How did the Judge decide on that punishment? Give me a go I could do a better job myself!’? This interactive session will put you in the role of the judge sentencing a real-life case of culpable driving. You will meet the offender and the victim, and find out all of the rules and principles that judges must follow when sentencing. Then you will have the opportunity to sentence the offender. Finally, you will have the opportunity to compare your sentence to that imposed by the real Judge. This entertaining 1.5 hour session is not a lecture – it involves questions, discussion and decision making – so you’ll be the judge.

Chris Gill – Education and Online Engagement Coordinator – Sentencing Advisory Council will present this session at LAC Croydon’s Club night on Thursday April 7th commencing 7:30 pm at Dorset Gardens Hotel.

Damian Carrick of ABC Radio “Law Report” will also be present in order to record the session and interview some of the audience on their thoughts following the session.

Club Secretary, Edith Martin will be interviewed on Eastern Radio 98.1FM Tuesday, April 5th about the Club and Chris’s presentation.

All interested folk are welcome to hear this informative presentation and enjoy a pleasant evening including a light supper after. More information call 0417 522 744 or email