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Musical Outings

As a Convenor, I choose the music  which ranges from Jazz, Big Band, Rock and Gilbert & Sullivan. The Bentleigh Club has a resident big band (The Groovin’ Easy Orchestra), which performs every two or three months on a Sunday afternoon (including a Devonshire afternoon tea). The Mentone RSL also has a big band on the first Sunday of every month. These 18 piece orchestras, with good vocalists, play swing, jazz and old favourites. My favourite jazz singer, Pippa Wilson performs once a month at The Bakery in Balnarring, bringing you some of the best live jazz ever and great fun too. It’s well worth it when we go. Occasional at the Bentleigh Club, there is a Rock and Roll night with performers doing excellent imitations of people like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis or Johnny O’Keefe which makes for an entertaining mid-week evening.  And the Savoy Opera Company, based at the Alexander Theatre, Monash University presents a couple of Gilbert and Sullivan operas each year, to round up my idea of good music.

Clearly, we can’t go to all of these, so I pick out the best or the ones on the most convenient dates and invite my BBLAC friends to join me.

This is not a regular activity for the Newsletter, so watch out for my notices sent by Global email and book in.