About this activity




Lunch in the Country is what it says on the label, a country-style lunch in a rural setting. We organise lunch on a Sunday every 3 months at a variety of eateries located near the outskirts of Melbourne or in regional centres within a comfortable hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Usually there is the opportunity afterwards to walk off the lunch by taking a stroll in the nearby country, river or lake side. We try to keep prices very reasonable and with group discounts, represents an excellent opportunity to share a meal with interesting people in a rural environment and sample the local meals on offer.

This is a popular activity attracting groups of around 20 however not everyone cares to drive on their own so car-pooling is encouraged. Dining dates are advertised in the Club Newsletter with further full details given in a global email nearer the date and though often our numbers are not limited we do need confirmation of diners in advance. We welcome all new and existing members and their friends and look forward to seeing you at the next event.