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  • 8 January 2019

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Second Tuesdays Cycling

This ride is scheduled for the second Tuesday each month and is usually about 40kms with a designated leader. Details TBA by global Email at the beginning of each month.

We need names and mobile numbers prior to the event, to ensure no-one is left behind at the start and in case of change of plans on the day due to inclement weather.

Please book in advance for this ride.


We are a group of dedicated coffee/tea drinkers who like to cycle.

All standards of cycling ability are welcome.

Our members ride racing bikes, e-bikes, folding bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes or bikes that have been proudly owned for a long time.

Lycra is not mandatory, but the ability to enjoy the company of your fellow cyclists is.

BBLAC cyclists at the Bright getaway



We also have the following rides – more details in the Newsletter and website Calendar / Activities pages:

Second Sundays Cycling

Rides take place on the 2nd Sunday of each month, weather permitting.

Easy Bike Ride 

Every Wednesday @ 9:00 am (Daylight saving hours only).

Fourth Sundays Cycling 

These rides scheduled for the fourth Sunday each month are organised longer rides of about 30-40 kms.


A collection of interesting and exciting cycling excursions can be viewed here: