About this activity

Our Computer Discussion Group meets at 10:00am every 4th Thursday (except December) for 2 hours in the Conference Room at LAC. Whitehorse Head Office 79 Mahoneys Road, Forest hill.

We are a friendly group with varying computer skills and software expertise who help each other through group discussion of member’s problems. We welcome new members so come along, you may learn something, you may help someone else.

We have Internet access and use a laptop computer connected to the Council provided Overhead Projector and screen so the whole group can view the computer screen and work pages.

The format of the meeting is usually:-

  • Welcome, apologies and Joke of the morning,
  • Around the table discussion of problems and achievements “Skites & Grizzles”,
  • Morning tea,
  • then we usually have a specific topic for discussion or presentation,
  • Meeting closes 12 midday.

We collect $2 per person per meeting to cover cost of Internet access, morning tea, donations and other meeting expenses.


For further information please contact:-

LAC Whitehorse Head Office.
79 Mahoneys Road, Forest hill,
Phone 9877 2514 or
Email –