CLUB:Brighton Bayside


Upcoming Dates:

  • 20 January 2019 9:45 am
  • 17 March 2019 9:45 am
  • 19 May 2019 9:45 am
  • 21 July 2019 9:45 am
  • 15 September 2019 9:45 am
  • 17 November 2019 9:45 am
  • 19 January 2020 9:45 am
  • 15 March 2020 9:45 am
  • 17 May 2020 9:45 am
  • 19 July 2020 9:45 am

About this activity



Bushwalks are led by an experienced walker on the third Sunday of every second month.

Our leader will have previously walked the walk and noted everything of note. Usually our walks are through forested or hilly locations and sometimes beside a river or lake but not too far from Melbourne and nothing more than a 1.5 hour drive away.

We usually look to be started from a designated car park 9.45 am, but that can vary depending location. Our leader sends out full details of how to get there and of the walk. It is necessary to register with the convenor beforehand if you want to participate. We stop for morning tea along the way and a BYO lunch usually at a Picnic Ground.

This is not a mountain climbing expedition nor a bivouac overnight in inclement conditions but a Sunday walk of around 6-8 km on paths with limited uphill and generally, beautiful views and flora.

Participants need reasonable fitness and suitable hiking gear. We are a friendly small group of around a dozen walkers so car pooling from Bayside can be arranged as desired.

For further information on Bushwalking see: Bushwalking with BBLAC