Come and have an enjoyable game of Table Tennis. Contact Julie on 9598 5158 or Ian on 9587 1370 for further details.

Have you played table tennis in the past? Why not think of starting up again? You will find that it is a game which can be taken up again quite readily, a bit like dancing and it can be played

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Enjoy a friendly game of table tennis. Phone Julie on 9598 5158 or Solveig on 0455 264 656 for further details.

This is held every Tuesday at 12.30 pm to approx 3.00 pm.     Numbers range from 10-20 with 3 tables. 5 February 2019   Restart table tennis Convenor:  Jenny  9807 6364                Assistant Convenor  Maree  8555 4813          

TABLE TENNIS: This activity is held at the Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre, O’Neil Road, Beaconsfield (Melways 214 A1) every Wednesday from 1pm – 3pm, except during school holidays.  Table Tennis is good for hand and eye co-ordination, brain function and aerobic

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