Ageing is Everyone’s Business

Gerard Mansour with Minister Martin Foley at the launching of the report

Ageing is everyone’s business: a report on social isolation and loneliness among senior Victorians

Life Activities Clubs Victoria was one of a number of key seniors organisations invited to the launch of the Commissioner for Senior Victorians’ report addressing social isolation and loneliness among Victorian seniors.

The Commissioner, Gerard Mansour, spoke to his report at Parliament House on 14 April and Minister Martin Foley provided the government’s response to the recommendations it contained. The Report and the Government’s response are both available for download at Life Activities Clubs Victoria contributed to the report in two ways, at the committee level as well as at a key stakeholders meeting and encourages all interested people to read the report and the response and assist in addressing what is a significant need in our community.

The occasion was also used to renew the Government’s commitment to its Age Friendly Victoria policy and the Minister and the Municipal Association of Victoria both signed the commitment to work toward a better future for older Victorians. Interested organisations were invited to sign a Declaration of support including an agreement to work together to further the aims of the policy and Life Activities Clubs Victoria was very happy to do that as part of its own commitment to improving the wellbeing of all older Victorians